Amanda Colliander.



I am a strategic designer at Wonder Agency based in Helsinki, Finland. I graduated from Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture in Industrial and Strategic design. As my minor was Interdisciplinary Product Development, I know how to be the designer in a team with people from different fields.

My strengths lye in strategic and cross-bordered, holistic design thinking, presentation and big-picture ideation to execution. Former projects have proven my competence in turning initial, abstract concepts into actual, working realities.

In my opinion, making the unsexy sexy is ravishing. It's as ravishing as giving a good idea a persuasive story. This being one of my key drivers, I like to challenge myself with entireties. I believe that small bits and pieces (beautiful or not) alone will solely remain a shattered puzzle. Once the big picture is clear, core messages can be delivered and communicated in a clear, simple, yet beautiful way. 

I have been awarded prizes in design competitions that include companies such as Stora Enso and Suunto. After returning from a design project done in San Francisco, I worked on revolving Finland's Natural Stone industry's image upside down. 

As my journey continued, I worked as a volunteering experience designer for the Slush Flight designing a holistic, unique flight experience for keynote speakers, investors, and start-ups. In cooperation with Finnair, the Slush Flight team worked intensively together, aiming to design a once in a lifetime flight experience. 

My on-going adventures circle around design strategy and experience design, as well as designing Nakuna Exhibition for Milan Design Week 2017.

It's very nice to meet you.

/ Amanda Colliander