I am currently a strategic designer at We are Inc based in Helsinki, Finland. My job is to connect dots between consumer insight and business objectives to create brand value. I work with branding, design and strategy – and a lot in-between – to highlight opportunity so that our clients can realise their potential. I believe in talking to people and understanding their view on life – this way we can provide solutions that inspire and bring meaning to our everyday. After all, people aren’t robots or technological systems that operate on auto-play. 

I graduated from Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture in Industrial and Strategic design. As my minor was Interdisciplinary Product Development, I know how to be the designer in a team with people from different fields.

My strengths lye in strategic and cross-bordered, holistic design thinking and experience design, presentation and big-picture ideation to execution. Former projects have proven my competence in turning initial, abstract concepts into actual, working realities.

I have been awarded prizes in design competitions that include companies such as Stora Enso and Suunto. After returning from a design project done in San Francisco, I worked on transforming Finland's Natural Stone industry's image upside down. 

As my journey continued, I worked as a volunteering experience designer for the Slush Flight designing a holistic, unique flight experience for keynote speakers, investors, and start-ups. In cooperation with Finnair, the Slush Flight team worked intensively together, aiming to design a once in a lifetime flight experience. Later I worked as team lead and brand/story telling strategist for Nakuna Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2017, where we were nominated (top 40) for the Milano Design Award.

It's very nice to meet you.