An inspiring office environment for a startup in San Francisco, California


My colleague Lara & I took part of a office design pitch contest in March 2015. Having the background of Industrial design, we decided to tackle the brief that differs from original spatial design: Collaborative service design tools were at the core of our spatial experience design process. We believed that by finding solutions to the right questions rather than only making a visually appealing space, the value of the space will increase within the user’s eyes- in this case, the employees. 

We wanted the space to have a deeper purpose than solely a visually pleasing appearance. We wanted it to respond to the true needs of the users, as well as the company’s identity and character. We executed our concept comprehensively by using various service design methods.

After winning the design pitch we started our project with BetterDoctor. In the end of July we travelled to San Francisco to execute the project during a 5 week period. The BetterDoctor community were more than pleased with our work and felt that the right things had been tackled.

More information about our pitch, design process, design tools, concepting etc. upon request.