A new holistic restaurant concept for experiential enthusiasts 


Jazzz Lounge Club is a new restaurant concept for adults that have a passion for experiences within cuisine and music.  Jazzz offers a new functional business and spatial concept with having two customer segments: One being young potential musicians and culinarists, the other being the restaurant customers. 

Jazzz is a meeting point for passionate, ambitious people who are full of the life. Jazzz offers possibilities to both its customer segments. It opens doors to work life to young professionals in an atmosphere where they can prove their talent. To restaurant customers it offers a holistic experience where flavors of drinks and small bites are intertwined with music, art and ambience to a harmonic entirety.

The whole concept + spatial drawings upon request. Cover pictures Pinterest.


After our project in San Francisco my interest towards spaces grew. I wanted to learn how to read and above all, understand, how spaces are designed. I also wanted to learn architectural software and ground floor drawing. I applied to a spatial design course and was submitted to participate. As spatial designers have a totally different angle to their design processes (begins from the artist identity) than we industrial desginers do, I quickly realized how intense the following weeks would be. The whole course was a big experimentation from learning building techniques, architectural history, two new software programs etc. Having my industrial designer identity I tackled the restaurant concept brief from not only looking at architectural solutions, but also building a service concept for a restaurant.