A new icon for swedish speaking Aalto University

During the fall of 2012 I was asked to design a new cockade (lyra) for non-engineering Swedish speaking students of Aalto University. Teknologföreningen TF was initially founded in 1872 as a student organisation for engineers. Having a long history, the organisation has developed strong traditions and norms which are highly respected even today. To start a new tradition, this cockade will be given to all member students without the rights to the original engineering student hat. 

The first "Lyra's" were manufactured and distributed to TF members in Spring 2014. Since then, students have been receiving these cockades during the traditional engineering ceremony held every Spring on the 1st of May. 



This design project was rather large in size due to the organisation's history and the holistic purpose of the cockade. All future bearers of the cockade had to be taken into consideration, as it had to suit ARTS and BIZ students, as well as reflect Aalto University's diversity and the organisations history. The cockade consists of a a wreath, symbolising academic excellency, the TF logo and a wave which divides into three parts. The wave symbolises Aalto University; the small break of the wave the school of ART, the second break the school of BIZ and the last one the school of ENG. They were divided into this order by the size of the different schools; ARTS being the smallest and ENG being the biggest. Together the schools shape a large wave breaking to the right, symbolising power, forwardness, boldness and the strength to, together, be bigger and better.