An award winning concept for women

A new tracking device for women- Suunto Vita was a design concept executed for Suunto in 2014. 
It's main goal is to passively help women improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to obsess over it. It consists of one product that is attached to a sports bra or to the bra strap. Vita flexes with your body movement so that it is barely noticeable. Not having anything extra, Vita sends information through Suunto Movescount to your smart phone with all data necessary for understanding what is happening in your body. 

 My concept was awarded as the best Product & Concept Design. 


This project was also vast in size. It started out with a large market research and benchmarking, questionnaires, interviews and market product testing. It was key to keep the concept as user centric as possible and at the same time taking all different aspects into account. I did a lot of experimenting through rapid prototyping, working tightly and reflecting the concept with some volunteer end-users. Since Suunto is an international company, I positioned the product to engage attention internationally. This was ensured by having different nationalities within the team of volunteer end-users.