The Slush Flight

Together with the Slush Flight team we created and designed a holistic, unique flight experience for start-ups, investors, speakers and other curious souls flying with Slush Flight from San Francisco to Europe's biggest start-up convention Slush (Helsinki, Finland). In co-operation with Finnair, our team aimed at designing a flight of a lifetime. The role of an experience designer demanded perception of the big picture, taking care of the bits and pieces, to create a spectacular, thoughtful and amazing experience for the Slush visitors.


We started the project with customer experience mapping which gave us insights for designing the flight from the customers’ point of view. As a strategic tool, the map takes into account the continuance of the experience from touchpoint to touchpoint. The CX mapping was tested with other passengers as they filled out the customer goals, customer thoughts and the overall experience to the map during their flight to the destination. The mapping also provided us multiple ideas to boost the Slush experience – experience which begins the very moment the customer books the flight and ticket to Slush.


From the massive amount of ideas, we executed the most relevant ones in co-operation with various companies to keep the experience coherent. Virtual Reality Demo stand at the gate in San Francisco airport, Slush Flight info letters welcoming the passengers to the flight, amazing Slush “Embrace the Darkness” inflight experience (video linked) and burning Slush logo visible from the airplane window during the landing were all part of the Slush experience. Designed with the holistic and strategic approach, the Slush Flight, also known as the nerdbird, was a success and got lot of attention in the media.


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ENG: Flightchic, Business Insider, Travel Daily News


Video by Amanda Colliander, Tommi Kinnunen and Matti Pentikäinen.

Slush Inflight Video "Embrace the Darkness" was shown during the flight to Helsinki. The video emphasized the mythical dark North as a cinematic interpretation of Slush.

The Mannequin Challenge / The Slush Flight / Video by Kevin Wolf

2016 Slush Conference attendees on their way to Helsinki, Finland, from San Francisco give their take on the Mannequin Challenge in a brand new A350 at a cruising altitude of 40,000 feet!