Layout Design

Brochure 2015

Product Catalogue 2015

The designing of Turvatikas brand identity & Graphic Design (brochures, graphics etc.). I was a part of creating  a new brand identity to further develop Eltel Network's Safety Ladder segment. Being part of a highly motivated and inspiring team, we created new goals and targets for boosting Safety Ladder- making it more appealing and stronger. Focusing on the graphics and visuals, my job has been to create a united, solid visual brand identity to strengthen market value and to gain and fortify brand recognition. Turvatikas Safety Ladder is a part of Eltel Networks Oy.


Turvatikas needed a face lift. It was seen as all the rest of the companies who have the same products, and didn't stick out in anyway. I wanted to make the unsexy sexy. We decided to look at the whole objectively and think of ways to appeal users. This would make heads turn on an international ground also. Instead of just making a simple, minimalistic, clean layout for the brouchure, we took it a step further by transforming the products into beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. This was done with a photographer colleague of mine,  with who we mad the steel products into beautiful pieces of art through photography.