Spatial & interior design


The Villa Rysvik project started for my part in Spring 2013. It has consisted of various different stages, working tightly with the client along the way. I have been responsible for the visual appearance of the complex, which has included (among other things) floor, wall, ceiling, electrics, kitchen, bathroom, sauna, lighting and storage design, in some parts working in co-operation with interior architects (ex. in kitchen design). This project is still on-going, as now two of the four buildings have been built.
Above you can find the architectural drawings of two of the buildings (the main building to the right and the sauna building to the left), a mood board of the chosen visual orientation and some pictures of the current situation.  


This project has been done tightly with the client, taking all aspects into consideration. It was utterly important to keep in mind how the areas functions and how it will be used in the future. A lot of planning went into thinking through user paths and how people would move, use and be in the different areas and spaces. This covered both inside and outside planning, seeing the area as a whole.